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I needed a place to share my thoughts! This is a pure Fairy Tail blog and contains spoilers up until the latest manga chapter. (the spoiler tag I use is #ft spoilers) I will sometimes post stuff from Mashima's other works as well. I also have a personal blog here and a Seven Deadly Sins dedicated blog here

If you have anything you want to talk about, post in my ask box! I'm open to all questions and comments!

Attention: Drabble prompts are being written right now!

I love these new "type these words into your tags box and post the first tag that automatically pops up" thingies, so fun. Let’s do another one:

  • can’t
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  • will
  • stop
  • get
  • honestly
  • I’m


uwaaaaa…. I think I’m having an artblock, drawing is really hard.

But meh, complaining aside, have a sloppy lucy doodle before i go back to homeworks. 

I also highly highly highly highly recommend the fic The Prince of Pergrande to anyone who hasn’t read it yet! It’s such a fun piratey nalu fic. It’s really well written and the characterization is super nice. It really cheered me up this weekend and I hope some of you other naly fans will check it out and give it some live :3

Volume Cover 44 - Zeref 


Next issue of FT magazine will have a FT tribute by Makoto Raiku. Mashima also thinks the ANIMAREAL Lucy is super-cute. And he says that you’ll be able to see the essence of Mavis in the next FT Zero.


Next issue of Fairy Tail Magazine!

3000 Follower Q&A Video!


In the last couple days I passed 3000 followers celebrate and panic! And so I’ve decided to make a video answering questions you may have for me. This includes any questions on theories or plot, or if you just want me to discuss something, like an aspect of a pairing etc.

I’ll be making the video in about a week, so you have until next weekend to ask questions! PLEASE NOTE: If you want the question to be answered in the video PLEASE tell me in the ask, otherwise I won’t know what you wanted, and I might just answer it normally on the blog, which if that’s what you want that’s fine, but again if you want the see my face saying things let me know in the ask


My tumblr recommended this blog, since I love fairy tail and oh my god i'm in love

Thank you very much! I’m really glad you like the blog haha. I’m also glad the recommendation thing worked out for you, I know a lot of people don’t like that feature